Increase online conversions with white-label webshops


As an organizer, you spend time and money to promote your event, drive traffic to your website with the goal of selling as many tickets as possible through your ticketing partner. As online purchasing continues to grow, it is imperative that the consumer has a quick, frictionless online purchasing experience. But perhaps most importantly, the ticket buyer must feel that they can trust your retail site if you are to succeed in converting the sale. Studies show however that online conversion rates can drop by as much as 30% when a consumer jumps to an external website to complete a purchase. So how can you build trust for your ticket buyers so that that they feel confident enough to purchase tickets online to your event?

White-label webshops with EVENTIM.Inhouse

For the past 20 years, EVENTIM.Inhouse has been one of Europe’s leading ticketing systems for theatres, opera houses and concert halls. More than 400 cultural institutions all over Europe use INHOUSE for selling tickets at box offices, at ticket outlets and online. In recent years, sports organizations have also seen the unique versatility of INHOUSE and the system is now widely used in the sports market.

One of the many unique functionalities of the INHOUSE system is the ability to create customizable white-label webshops. If a product is white-label, it means that the product is produced by one company, but then rebranded so it appears to be made by another. With INHOUSE, this means that Eventim provides the ticketing solution for you, the organizer, but it is your brand that is presented to the ticket buyer throughout the entire purchasing process.

Eventim’s INHOUSE webshops are fully customizable. With a layout editor, you can easily change the colors, text, and logos to adapt the webshop to your company’s design and profile. Both CSS and HTML5 technology can also be used if you want to make further changes. The color of almost every element in the webshop can be amended which provides a wide range of design opportunities for you. In addition, an HTML template can be incorporated so that the webshop can mirror the same layout as your website. If you have multiple venues, it’s also possible to create more than one webshop that sits within your solution, which all feedback to the same database.

What are the benefits of an Inhouse white-label webshop?

With INHOUSE, your webshop will mirror the look and feel of your own website. In addition, the URL is adapted to include your company’s brand name. Therefore, the ticket buyer will, from their perspective, stay on your website when buying tickets or other items in the webshop, increasing trust for your ticket buyers. This kind of webshop also strengthens your brand and at the same time increases the conversion rate compared to a jump to an external sales channel, where many customers choose not to complete the purchasing process.

During a ticket purchase, the customer can return to your main website and then jump seamlessly back and forth between the website and the individual steps in the purchasing process in order to find more tickets or other items to add to the shopping cart, ensuring a smooth and efficient ticket purchase. The webshop is based on a responsive design that runs on all devices. The screen can be adapted to the chosen device, whether it is a stationary computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone. This means that the customer can easily select seats in numbered seating charts, also through a mobile phone.

Some examples of white-label webshops

There is a multitude of design options for an INHOUSE webshop. Here are a few examples from current Eventim clients.

Folketeateret is a privately-run theater in downtown Oslo that houses a wide variety of shows every year, including concerts, stand-up, theater, and musicals. Their INHOUSE webshop has been adapted to include their branding, with both colors, logo, and URL. There is no doubt for the ticket buyer that they are purchasing tickets at Folketeateret, even though they are on the Eventim INHOUSE ticketing platform. (Left = website, right = webshop)

Eksempel webshop Folketeateret


The Dresden Residenz Orchestra is a young string orchestra performing concerts in Dresden, Berlin, and Munich. Their INHOUSE webshop has also been adapted with the colors and logo of their website, but the orchestra also chose to use a picture as the background image to further strengthen the branding in their webshop. (Left = website, right = webshop)

DR Koncerthuset (Concert Hall) was designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel and is one of Denmarks greatest architectural and musical attractions. Their INHOUSE webshop is based on an HTML template and therefore replicates to an even greater degree DR Koncerthuset’s website, not just colors, logos and text. (Left = website, right = webshop)


If you want to learn more about EVENTIM.Inhouse and white label webshops, please get in touch!