Stream your events with Pay-per-view with Eventim


As Covid-19 restrictions continue, many organizers are now looking for digital solutions to sell tickets and communicate with their audience. It might be to purely digital events or a combination, offering on-site event tickets together with digital tickets. What is important to most is the possibility to stream through a stable, professional platform that limits the access to the stream to ticket buyers with a unique access code. It has been a priority for Eventim to provide this solution to our organizers.

Therefore, we are very pleased to now offer the livestreaming platform to our organizers, in cooperation with Rockway. Rockway is an award winning digital music company that specializes in E-learning, VOD platforms, Video technology, Video production, Music industry, Music pedagogy, and Digital marketing. In other words, an experienced, knowledgeable and innovative technical partner that ensures a state-of-the-art and user friendly streaming platform for our organizers and of course viewers. Please see a description of the platform and services below.

Read more about Rockway here.

Livestream gigs and events are broadcast live on The livestreams are broadcast through RTMP streams and delivered through a HTML5 player to the audience. Depending on the quality of your broadcast, livestreams can be viewed in full 1080p HD quality. It is recommended to broadcast in a minimum of 6 Mbps to the platform.

Ticket buyers need a computer or mobile device connected to the internet to watch the show. To ensure a quality connection, the minimum recommended internet download speed is 10mb. If necessary, it is possible for the ticket buyer to test if their device is supported by Giggea online. Chrome is the recommended browser of choice. For the best experience, it is recommended to watch the stream on a big screen and with high quality headphones or speakers. We recommend Chrome casting from a computer for the best viewing experience. Viewing the stream via Apple TV, Smart TVs, or Chrome casting from a mobile device is partially supported, but not guaranteed.

Ticket purchase with access code

Tickets for Livestreaming events are sold on Eventim platforms and purchased in the same way as a standard ticket. After purchasing the ticket, the ticket buyer will receive a personal code in the order confirmation email, which needs to be redeemed in the livestream environment. The admission ticket can be redeemed anytime before the start of a purchased event, even immediately after purchase.

To redeem the ticket

  1. Go to
  2. First time users create a profile in the service
  3. Redeem personal access code

With an individual account, ticket buyers can see all the gigs and events they have purchased.

Access to the stream after the show

All shows can be available for streaming for 7 days after the original streaming date, if not prohibited by copyrights, and therefore can be watched numerous times. If the show for example airs on May 1st, it’s available for viewing until May 8th at 11:59 pm. It’s also possible to buy tickets for six days after the original streaming date.

Fan engagement features

The platform includes a Chat platform that allows fans to chat with other fans. On the event page it is possible to add social media links, or even links to purchase merchandise during the event. In the future, moderated chat and poll features might be added.

Event page branding

Custom event pages and custom branded landing pages are available according to separate agreement and additional cost.

Customer support provides technical customer support for the event organizer over e-mail and phone, and support for ticket buyers before and during the livestream through chat and e-mail should ticket buyers have difficulty accessing the stream. Support over phone is available as a premium service. Support languages currently include English and Swedish. Other languages might be added in the future. Eventim customer service is as always available Monday to Thursday 10:00 – 17:00 and Friday 10:00 – 15:30 to help ticket buyers should they have wish to buy tickets over the phone or have questions regarding their tickets.

Read our recent article here about selling digital streaming tickets with Eventim.

Marketing support

Streamed events can be promoted on in the same way as a standard event. Eventim can provide marketing support with front page visibility, newsletter or social media marketing. Contact your local Eventim marketing coordinator for more information.


To use the Giggea livestream environment, organizers will pay a fee per viewer, with a minimum payment per livestreamed event. The fee will cover the technical platform as described above, including bandwidth consumption and customer service before and during the event. The organizer can choose to include the streaming fee as part of the ticket price, or add the fee as an audience paid fee, similar to, and on top of the ticket fee. Please contact your local Eventim sales manager for more information.


All legal rights and costs associated with the streaming of the event must be ensured and paid by the organizer. Neither Eventim nor Giggea/Rockway are responsible for any legal questions or costs related to the streaming of the event.


Interested in hearing more about this solution? Please get in touch with us here at Eventim!