Eventim upgrades scanning devices to the Zebra TC25


The need for enhanced security at live events is on the rise across the industry and more and more organizers are using access control solutions as part of their security plan. Whether it be for a sold-out Rammstein concert with 80.000 fans, or a local football match with a capacity of 500 supporters, it’s imperative that guests have a friction-free security experience. That means the scanning of tickets on entry to the venue has to work! For you as an organizer, you must have the right equipment that will quickly and easily scan bar codes, RFID, QR codes and more, no matter what the conditions.

At Eventim, we offer our clients fully integrated access control as part of our ticketing solutions. EVENTIM.Access is a simple and reliable platform that is fully scalable for events of any size. It has been used to grant access to some of the world’s most high-profile and potentially high-risk events, including the Summer Olympics in Rio in 2016. As the needs of our clients vary, we are pleased to offer both dedicated scanning devices and app scanning through our app Scan-app.

The TC25 Rugged Smartphone

To ensure we continue to provide world-class access control for our clients and of course the ticket buyers, we have recently upgraded our scanning devices to the Zebra TC25. It looks more like a smartphone than a scanner and is incredibly durable. You can drop it on the floor and use it in the cold, heat, rain and snow – and it still works! Equipped with a unique PowerPack snap-on extended battery, it guarantees all-day power, and as it’s an android-based device, it can run any app from the Google Play store, which you might be using for other purposes. Truly impressive technology!

To learn more about the Zebra TC25, visit www.zebra.com/tc25.

Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2019 with the Zebra TC25

Eventim Norway was on-site at the recent Rammstein concert at Ullevål Stadium in Oslo to provide access control for tickets sold through the Eventim platform. Eager, enthusiastic fans lined up for hours to try to secure a good view of the stage from the floor. Impatient to get into the stadium, fans were ready with their tickets, anxious to get through the doors as quickly as possible once the doors opened. The Eventim team, together with venue staff, were ready with our new Zebra TC25 scanners, and they worked very well. The scanners were reading both barcodes and QR codes at incredible speed. Once all guests were through the doors, security staff remarked how pleased they were with Eventim’s access control solution. Fans had a fast, friction-free entry into the stadium, followed by an experience of a lifetime with Rammstein. What a show!


If you want to learn more about how Eventim can help you with access control at your event, please get in touch!